About us

This section is a Work in Progress

  • Artist

    For now all merchandise designs and artwork is done by Tatii Lange with the exception of the brand logo.

    More about the Artist 
  • Our Brand

    Unique designs made directly by an independant artist. Support independant small bussinesses..
    We are striving to source our products and manufacturing in the USA or Canada whenever we can afford it.

    We are moving to make our packaging is green, recyclable or compostable!

  • Our Logo

    Our beautiful logo was designed by WhiteFoxDesign.

    Check their work out! 
  • Transparent Pricing and Sourcing

    We are interested on sharing this information for transparency's sake, so you know we are not overpricing a cheap retail product, but also because we feel this information can be useful for other artists looking to make their own products.

    You can see our list of production costs and product sources 
  • Fullfilment partners

    We have partnered with White Squirrel to help us manage some of the storage and order fulfillments.

    Find more about them 
  • Green Packaging

    We are moving to packaging that is made from recycled material or compostable.

    We buy from GroundedPackaging

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