BLACK FRIDAY for the entire week!

BLACK FRIDAY for the entire week!

We dont intend to add to the frenzy of Black Friday impulse buying, so we are going to hold the sale for a whole week!
We hope this way you can take your time choosing what you want to buy :)

15% OFF most items with the code BLACK23

Our discount is not as outrageous as retailer stores because we are a small shop with smaller margins, but we wanted to give you a discount anyway.
Our team is composed almost entirely by one person, me, Tatii. Im the artist, marketer, accountant, etc, I only partially share the shipping responsibilities with a partnered small business.

When you spend money on small creators every $ goes a long way on keeping us making art and merch you love.

We really appreciate your support :)



On another note, our big NEW COLLECTION will be released tomorrow! So stay tuned!

(Discount wont apply to items of the new release)

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